Hello and welcome to  Just Breathe Soul.

My name is Christiana.

I live in Brisbane, Queensland with my amazing husband Matt and my fur daughter Leia, and I am lucky to be surrounded by my best friends and family.

On this site you will find all things yoga, health, and healing, with a bit of my craziness thrown in! My discovery of yoga has changed my life in so many ways, and I can’t wait to take you on this journey.

Throughout the last years of studying yoga I have noticed many positive changes in my health, mind, body and spirituality. I have discovered that all these are connected and that it is best for my overall health and wellness when I give each of these equal time and energy. I am passionate about making a difference not only for others but also myself.

I want to continue to learn and explore all areas of life. As such, I am currently studying and expanding my knowledge of massage therapy, nutrition and Reiki so that I may help others in even more positive ways. I have completed my 350 hour Yoga Teacher Training with My Health Yoga.

I have been teaching yoga for a while now and have a strong passion for Yin yoga and the divine feminine. I love the deep opening of this class, the ability to be assisted through props, to relax and to fall deeper within ourselves. Other styles of yoga include General, Meditation, Beginner and Vin Yin classes.

Yoga is all about challenging yourself and really looking within. It is about mind and body awareness, self inquiry and self awareness. Yoga has help me deal with chronic pain, emotional struggles and health problems and it is my passion. I am in love with my health, fitness and spiritual growth and in helping others reach their potential.


Throughout the years I have mentored and counselled people from many different walks of life. I worked as a youth counselor within high schools for a number of years. Often I find myself drawing from difficult experiences I had during early child and adulthood. However, the past two years have been the most amazing years of my life. When I started yoga teacher training I was struggling to deal with constant pain from a then-undiagnosed nerve issue, and was working through a lot of internal emotional distress stemming from my childhood. Through the process of learning yoga I really started to learn about myself. I addressed many old issues that I had been battling with my entire life, and I also learnt how to communicate not only with my partner but with my friends and family as well. I let go of worry and allowed love to shine and overflow. As I get back into helping others through counselling and yoga, I have found that I teach them but I am also teaching myself. At the end of the day, things are just things and they have no power over my now and my future. All I want to do is be happy and surround myself with happiness, love and light.

I look forward to connecting with and meeting new people through this site, and I can’t wait to grow and learn with you!



0435 715 748

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