“Christiana’s yoga classes were helpful through a few really testing moments in my life. Her classes help you not only physically but also mentally with guided meditation.



“I’ve been going to yoga on and off now for a number of years, always going to new places and finding new classes. Yoga by Christiana is one of my favorites, not only is it a very personalized class, she also creates a beautiful supportive group atmosphere. Lovethe candles, music and the incense also – it’s very ambient and special ” – Jess


“Patient and professional, I had never been to a Yoga class before and Christiana was super patient with me and I found the whole experience enlightening and so educational. I look forward to our classes and feel so fantastic after each class. Keep up the amazing work”  –  Jessalee



“Christiana has the ability to intuitively feel exactly what you need at that moment in time – whether this is a grounding yoga session or simply someone to talk to, you will always walk away feeling uplifted. Christiana is a selfless soul – a gifted healer, yoga teacher, mentor and a huge inspiration in my life, I admire her ability to live and speak her truth and the way she encourages those around her to do the same” – Rebecca



Christiana is person when you are touched by her presence you will never forget her. She is an earth angel. A caring, loving and deeply compassionate soul. She listens with intent and gives her heart to all that she does. She is person you know will always be there for you and an inspiration to many for all that she is, where she has come from and where she is yet to go.” – Love Ourani

Christiana taught me how to quieten a very loud and busy mind, which I think a lot of people in today’s day and age suffer from.I would recommend her classes to anyone after a personalised experience rather than a run of the mill class” – Gemma

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